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Posted by MegDraws - 2 weeks ago

Hah...can you tell I couldn’t think of a good title for this x)

Basically, I have a lot of stuff planned. Stuff as in comic stuff, because comics. Well, I’m not going to post any comics yet but I might post a couple short things in the future for fun.

Ok I should proooobably just get to the point; Im going to be posting things related to the comic I’m working on, such as character sheets, concept art, that kinda thing. This is probably going to be my main focus for a while, since this is currently my main project I’m working on.

I’ve already started on one of the character sheets for the main character of the comic. But I gotta say...those things that you see in character sheets where it shows like the character from multiple angles, you know those? Whatever those are called? Those things are really freaking difficult to make, and they take forever because you gotta try to make all the proportions almost exactly the same for each angle, and it’s also extremely boring, just drawing the same thing, over and over again. The one I just made took me like at least fifteen hours total ;-;

It probably shouldn’t have taken that long, or maybe it should have, I’m not sure, maybe I’m just a slow drawer. :P

In any case, I’m really not looking forward to having to do that like, seven more times. Just the thought of it is dreadful...though, it might be better to do it so I can get the practice in, and maybe even improve a bit... *sigh of despair*

Anyway, that’s basically all I wanted to say. Just know that there’s more art stuff coming soon, and most of it will be comic related :3

See yall soon :D


Posted by MegDraws - 1 month ago

Heyy just wanted to put here that I actually have an Instagram where I also post some of my art!

Even art that I haven’t put here...muahahaha!

I’ve actually had it for a while and have been meaning to link these up, but uh, I kept forgetting xD

Anyway, so that’s a thing that exists. You can come over and follow me here if you feel like it :D


Posted by MegDraws - January 7th, 2021

It has indeed been another two weeks since I’ve done anything here. Soooooo have some more sketches! I’m working on yet ANOTHER story, (this time with my cousin) so take this-!

*chucks sketchbook at your face*

Now gaze at my c r e a t i o n


Names from highest to lowest: Jordyn, Kole, Simon, Luke, Finley,

These are characters for a comic my cousin and I are trying to make. And yes...I know I’ve said many times the sentence “I’m gonna make a comic!” And then start it, and don’t finish it... it’s nothing new. (The last comic I was working on with the angels had so many plot holes and problems and complications...it hurt my brain to work on it :c)

But this time I’m working with another human person, so I might actually have the motivation to get something done this time.

We’re still in the writing phase, but we’ve already got most of the plot figured out, and even a name for it (That I came up with muahaha) It’s called “Don’t Say I Love You”

As you can probably tell, there’s gonna be romance...which I am incredibly nervous about because I suck at writing romance...haha... *commence traumatic flashback*

Thankfully my cousin is pretty good at writing that kind of thing so we won’t get to see what kind of cringey horror I would bring to this world :D

So uh, that’s a thing.

Imma go now byeeee


Posted by MegDraws - December 25th, 2020

Hello! I just wanted to drop in real quick and wish everyone a merry Christmas! :D

I would draw something, but uh...well I’m kinda couch bound right now cuz I sprained my ankle yesterday...yayyy pain woohoo.

...geez this happens a lot I swear...I even keep a bunch of medical equipment like crutches and braces in my room because I get hurt so much. I’m a hazard to myself xD

Thats not exactly how I was planning to spend Christmas but...oh well, what can ya do eh? :P

How are you all going to spend Christmas this year? I’m curious :D

Anyway, I’m gonna sleep now...and then open presents in the morning! :O

See y’all later!


Posted by MegDraws - November 28th, 2020

Since I don’t know when I’ll get my laptop back, and I haven’t posted any art in a while, I thought I’d show y’all some stuff I’ve been working on for my next piece! I’ve been putting a whole lot of effort into this one!

So strap in, cuz I’m writing a lot today!

(...You don’t have to read any of this if you don’t want to, though. I’m mostly just explaining my thought process as it goes along. So if you don’t care about any of that, feel free to skip by it! )

I wanted to try to draw something out of my comfort zone, so I chose to combine a bunch of things I don’t usually draw (or draw often) into one! I decided on drawing an epic(ish) battle scene that would include extreme poses, armored opponents, swords, and also male characters.

...Is it too much? XD

Look I’ve been reaaaly bored recently, there’s not much to do around here...besides read comics. I already do way too much of that as it is!

Anyway, here’s the sketches I’ve been working on!


I was originally going to just make a drawing of one character in an action shot, swinging their weapon at an unseen foe. So this is me trying to figure out the pose...and the position of the face. That’s why there’s those weird tiny D:< faces...looks a bit silly, doesn’t it? xD


Then I had to figure out how to draw armor, which I had never done before! I did some research on how it works and fits together, and what kinds of styles there were, and came up with two rough designs, which I then picked out the parts I liked, tweaked, and put them together!


Next, I had to figure out what the face of our hero would look like! I decided I wanted him to be and elf-ish like creature, but didn’t want him to end up looking like Nix, so I changed the position of the ears a bit. (Also I just thought it looked interesting xD) most of these passes were just me trying to figure out how I wanted his hair to work, and what facial features I wanted him to have. This is also around the time where I thought he could possibly have a friend!


This is when I put all of them together into one! And...well its not great.

I made a few mistakes, like his hands should definitely be switched. That...does not look natural xD

I also need to work on his expression, and a lot of other stuff, but hey, it was my first time drawing someone in this pose. I’ll be able to fix it next time!

...also I just kinda gave him a random sword. I want to make his sword a lot cooler in the future, though!


I decided I wanted to draw him normally so you can see better what kind of character he is. (Also, I drew him too close to the bottom of the page so that’s why he’s in a weird stance xD) - this actually affected what kind of person I thought he could be, and I started really brainstorming a backstory for him. Weird how things work out x)


Finally, I decided to make him a friend! I made this one on a whim, not really planning anything out, and frankly...I kind of like his design better? XD

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve been looking at the other guy for too long, but I think it’s funny that I do think that this guy that I made in like, an hour, looks better that the guy I spent a few days planning for.

Well, dang.

I imagine their relationship as the first guy is kind of a laid back, easygoing rouge/possible refugee, while the other guy is a stiff higher up in whatever empire they live in, and takes his job very seriously. But they somehow end up becoming friends, and have a lot of comedic moments between them.

...I haven’t thought them through too much okay? I know it’s very vague xD

I don’t even have names for them yet... :P

Anyway, that’s all I have for y’all today! Hopefully I’ll be able to get my laptop back soon, and I’ll post a polished, digital version of these two!

See y’all later, and stay safe!



Posted by MegDraws - November 22nd, 2020

So...I went over to Washington this weekend to visit some family for my Dad’s birthday. For this trip my dad insisted I bring my laptop. (well, it’s technically his, but he never uses it anymore, unless he needs to work away from home.)

The thing is, we ended up leaving my five year old laptop with a cracked screen (my fault xD), that I also happen to use to draw, over 100 miles away in a different state.

...sure I could have just said “I lost my laptop in Washington so I can’t draw for a while” and leave it at that, but what’s the fun in that eh? x)

So yeah, uh, I’m not gonna be able to draw for a while. Now I just gotta figure out how and when I can get it back... sigh

Maybe I’ll post some traditional art in the meantime. Or some sketches that I’ve been making recently for my next piece that I WAS going to start but then found out I couldn’t.

Who knows? I might be able to drive there and get it back myself...with adult supervision. I’m taking my drivers permit test Tuesday! Hopefully I don’t fail...I haven’t really studied much xD

I mean, it’s mostly common sense, right? That’s what most people say anyway...you know what, on second thought I don’t think I trust myself enough to drive that far. I can’t even park very well...driving is hard!

yeah...I should probably study x)

Not really sure how I came to that subject. I kinda let my mind wander when I’m writing, I guess. Anyway, I’ll try to get my laptop back as soon as I can!

See ya later and stay safe!



Posted by MegDraws - October 24th, 2020

Hey so I just wanted to say real quick that I’ve decided to change my name to MegDraws, so I’m no longer MegPeg. Just letting y’all know in case anyone tries to ping or message me and see I no longer exist, or if you’re suddenly confused why there’s a random person you didn’t follow in your feed...maybe not the latter, I mean, it shouldn’t be THAT hard to tell who I am xD

...also I’m still considering if this name choice was dumb or not...well, there’s no backing out now! x)


Posted by MegDraws - October 12th, 2020

So uh, I just found out @olskoo gifted me the supporter upgrade for a month.


(Lol sorry I couldn't resist. I made this in about fifteen minutes so excuse the quality xD)

...I'm still trying to process the fact that someone on the internet just spent money on me. I mean, I didn't really do anything to deserve this. But really, thank you so much!

So I guess the next question is; what do I do now that I'm a supporter? Hmmmm...

Why don't I change my name?

To be honest, "MegPeg got old reeeeal quick for me. When I came up with my name originally, I wasn't planning on keeping my NG account. I just got it for an art competition I wanted to enter, but then later decided to start posting art for fun. So MegPeg was basically a name I just put there to have something there. But I didn't read the "fine print" and see that I would not be able to change it unless I became a supporter. So I've been stuck with the cringey nickname my friends gave me when I was ten years old.

I'll probably still have Meg in my new name, that's what everyone calls me on NG and in real life, anyway. I'll have to figure out my new name later. I guess if anyone wants to suggest anything they can, I mean, if you want. That's just what I've seen other people doing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anyway, thank you all for reading, and thank you again olskoo for gifting me supporter!


Posted by MegDraws - October 10th, 2020

Before I jump into this, I just wanted to let y’all know that everything is back to normal over here! The air is fresh and the sky is blue and beautiful again! So we’re doing pretty good :D

Okay, back to the topic at hand!

My older sister Sibspook creates amazing art that I’ve always admired, and I’ve always wanted to be able to draw as good as her. So the other day I asked her how she did anatomy, and if she could teach me... to which she gladly indulged me!

I learned a lot from her, and I decided to put my newfound knowledge to use, and tested it on my characters Nix, Eva, and Callie, a third character I haven’t introduced yet.

(I forgot to add, I’ve changed up their

designs again, so they’ll look a little different than the last time I drew them. it also shows my little reactions next to them...I loved them too much xD)

Here’s the results!


I’m really happy with how he came out, the anatomy is sooo much better than normal! Though Nix’s face shape turned out a bit different than what I originally imagined for him, which somehow made him look a little handsome... I mean, I’m not complaining, I’m just happy it turned out good! Might make him a little less attractive, though... xD


Eva is still adorable, I don’t really have much I can say about her. Her design is a little plain, but she is an Angel-in-training, so I wouldn’t expect her to have too many inhuman features yet. I’m still working on that though... Any suggestions for her design would be very appreciated! I can’t come up with much else ;-;


And here we have Callie, who is Nix’s imp friend! Right now her design is of a standard imp, which will also probably go through some changes. She’s a lot smaller than how I drew her (like one or two feet tall, or for those of you outside of the U.S, 30 to 60 cm. Darn you, metric system!) I drew her eyes a little big in this, but maybe it will translate better when I draw her tiny, who knows?

...and there you have it! My three characters with a bit of a design and style change! I’m really happy with them, but of course there’s always room for improvement... which is why I’m asking for critique!

I’d love to know what you all think of them, what I could do to make them better, and even design elements I could add to make them a bit more interesting. (That last one is more for Eva and Callie, I’m pretty satisfied with Nix’s design. But that doesn’t mean I’ll refuse any suggestions for him!)

Thank you all for reading, I’m excited to see what you people have to say! :D


Posted by MegDraws - September 17th, 2020

hhhooookay so I'm just gonna try to make this real quick.

The forest fires near our house have been calmed, and we're no longer in the evacuation zone!

So, yayyyyy I'm not gonna die!

I feel so relieved, I mean, I'm not going to lose my home. During the time when we thought we would need to evacuate, I started feeling so detached from everything I would be leaving behind, like it was someone else's house, and it would never be ours again. But thankfully, I get to stay here, as one of the lucky ones.

Some people here evacuated just because of the air quality, as it was some of the worst air quality in the world at this point and time. (I'm not kidding, on a scale to 100, 100 is really bad air quality, and we were at 400... I don't know how either)

I honestly kind of wish I was with them, though. Even though I would be leaving my home for a while. The air here is just plain awful... At least now I have another excuse to stay inside, if Covid wasn't enough. :P

Anyway, thank you all for reading this, and for the encouraging words on my last post. I'm glad it all turned out okay.