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Some in-progress sketches!

Posted by MegDraws - November 28th, 2020

Since I don’t know when I’ll get my laptop back, and I haven’t posted any art in a while, I thought I’d show y’all some stuff I’ve been working on for my next piece! I’ve been putting a whole lot of effort into this one!

So strap in, cuz I’m writing a lot today!

(...You don’t have to read any of this if you don’t want to, though. I’m mostly just explaining my thought process as it goes along. So if you don’t care about any of that, feel free to skip by it! )

I wanted to try to draw something out of my comfort zone, so I chose to combine a bunch of things I don’t usually draw (or draw often) into one! I decided on drawing an epic(ish) battle scene that would include extreme poses, armored opponents, swords, and also male characters.

...Is it too much? XD

Look I’ve been reaaaly bored recently, there’s not much to do around here...besides read comics. I already do way too much of that as it is!

Anyway, here’s the sketches I’ve been working on!


I was originally going to just make a drawing of one character in an action shot, swinging their weapon at an unseen foe. So this is me trying to figure out the pose...and the position of the face. That’s why there’s those weird tiny D:< faces...looks a bit silly, doesn’t it? xD


Then I had to figure out how to draw armor, which I had never done before! I did some research on how it works and fits together, and what kinds of styles there were, and came up with two rough designs, which I then picked out the parts I liked, tweaked, and put them together!


Next, I had to figure out what the face of our hero would look like! I decided I wanted him to be and elf-ish like creature, but didn’t want him to end up looking like Nix, so I changed the position of the ears a bit. (Also I just thought it looked interesting xD) most of these passes were just me trying to figure out how I wanted his hair to work, and what facial features I wanted him to have. This is also around the time where I thought he could possibly have a friend!


This is when I put all of them together into one! And...well its not great.

I made a few mistakes, like his hands should definitely be switched. That...does not look natural xD

I also need to work on his expression, and a lot of other stuff, but hey, it was my first time drawing someone in this pose. I’ll be able to fix it next time!

...also I just kinda gave him a random sword. I want to make his sword a lot cooler in the future, though!


I decided I wanted to draw him normally so you can see better what kind of character he is. (Also, I drew him too close to the bottom of the page so that’s why he’s in a weird stance xD) - this actually affected what kind of person I thought he could be, and I started really brainstorming a backstory for him. Weird how things work out x)


Finally, I decided to make him a friend! I made this one on a whim, not really planning anything out, and frankly...I kind of like his design better? XD

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve been looking at the other guy for too long, but I think it’s funny that I do think that this guy that I made in like, an hour, looks better that the guy I spent a few days planning for.

Well, dang.

I imagine their relationship as the first guy is kind of a laid back, easygoing rouge/possible refugee, while the other guy is a stiff higher up in whatever empire they live in, and takes his job very seriously. But they somehow end up becoming friends, and have a lot of comedic moments between them.

...I haven’t thought them through too much okay? I know it’s very vague xD

I don’t even have names for them yet... :P

Anyway, that’s all I have for y’all today! Hopefully I’ll be able to get my laptop back soon, and I’ll post a polished, digital version of these two!

See y’all later, and stay safe!



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